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History Notes on Chalukas Dynasty and Pallava Dynasty

Pallava Dynasty:1) The Pallava dynasty emerged in South India at a time when the Satavhana dynasty was on the decline.2) Shivaskandavarman is said to have been the founder of the Pallava dynasty.3) During their reign, the Pallava rulers made Kanchi their capital.4) Simhavarama I Sivaskkandavarma I, Veerakurcha, Shandavarma II, Kumaravishnu I, Simhavarma II, and Vishnugopa.Note: Vishugopa is said to have been defeated in battle by Samudragupta after which the Pallavas become weaker.5) It was Simhavishnu, the son of Simhavarma II, who eventually crushed the Kalabhras‘ dominance in 575 AD and re-established his kingdom.6) In 670, Parameshwaravarma I came to the throne and restricted the advance of the Chlukyan king Vikramaditya I. However, the Chalukyas joined hands with the Pandya king Arikesari Maravarma, another promients enemy of the Pallavas, and defeated Parameshwaravarma I.7) Parameshwaravarma I died in 695 and was succeeded by Narasimhavarma II, a peace living ruler.He is also re…