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Atmosphere at a Glance

Atmosphere: The envelope of air that completely surrounds the earth is known as atmosphere. The atmosphere extends to about 1000 km from the surface of the earth. But 99% of the total mass of the atmosphere is found within 32 km. This is because the atmosphere is held by the gravitational pull of the earth.Now a question arises, what is the Composition of the Atmosphere? So answer if below:
Atmosphere consists major of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon-dioxide and other gases in traces.(i) Nitrogen consists of 78%
(ii) Oxygen consists of 21%
(iii) Argon consists of 0.93%
(iv) Carbon dioxide consists of 0.03%
(v)Neon consists of 0.0018%
(vi) Helium consists of 0.0005%
(vii) Ozone consists of 0.0006%
(viii) Hydrogen consists of 0.00005%Carbon dioxide is present in small quantity in the atmosphere It is an important constituent of air because it has the ability to absorb heat and thus keep the atmosphere warm, thereby, balancing the heat of the earth. Dust intercepts and reflect incoming insolati…