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First Word Day - 06, October

  1. Scarce means दुर्लभ (available only in small quantities)
  2. Parsimonious means कंजूस (extremely unwillingly to spend money; mean)
  3. Prodigious means विलक्षण (very large or powerful; colossal; enormous)
  4. Ostentations means दिखावटी (expensive or noticeable in a way that is intended to impress people; showy)
  5. Fetter means बेड़ी (to restrict someone's freedom)
  6. Exonerate means बरी करना (to officially state that somebody is not responsible for something that he has been blamed for.
  7. Strife means कलह (angry or violent disagreement; conflict)
  8. Conciliation means समझौता (the act of pacifying the act of making somebody less angry or more friendly)
  9. Confrontation means आमना-सामना (a situation in which there is angry disagreement)
  10. Reluctantly means अनिच्छा से (doing/saying something hesitating/not willingly)
  11. Multitate (to damage somebody's body very severely)
  12. Lament means विलाप (to feel or express great sadness or disappointment)
  13. Rejuvenate means फिर से युवा करना (to make somebody look or feel younger or more lively)
  14. Animosity means बैर (a strong feeling of opposition, anger or hatred; hostility)
  15. Altercation means तकरार (a noisy argument or disagreement)
  16. Coax means मनाना (cajole; to persuade somebody to do something by talking to him in a kind and gentle way)
  17. Erudite means वैज्ञानिक (having or showing great knowledge that is gained from academic study; learned)
  18. Affluent means धनी (having a lot of money and a good standard of living; prosperous)
  19. Parochial means संकीर्ण (only concerned with small issues that happen in your local area and not interested in more important thing)
  20. Fallible means अविश्वसनीय (able to make mistake or be wrong)
  21. Unerring means अचूक (always right or accurate; unfailing)
  22. Impertinent means असभ्य (rude and not showing respect)
  23. Ractification means सत्यापन (making something valid by confirming it officially/formally)
  24. Omit means छोड़ देना (not include; leave out)
  25. Imminent means आसन्न (likely to be happen very soon)


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