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Synonyms Saturday: Week 1

Our First Synonym Week is going to Start from 17/06/2017. Learn out these words, we will find and post more words.

Without payment/charge (बिना किसी पैसे के) - Gratis, free, at no cost,
Ex: I have given that pen gratis to Aman.

Plutocrat (पैसे वाला आदमी) - Rich person
Ex: Not every plutocrat is bad.

Proffer (प्रस्ताव) - tender, offer
Ex: He proffers me bribe yesterday.

Hustle (ऊधम) - hurry
Ex: I only hustle for my all important works.

Overweening (अभिमानी) - arrogant
Ex: People who are overweening, does not take anyone's help.

Sundry (फुटकर) - various, retail
Ex: PayTM is rocking sundry shops now.

Epitome (प्रतीक) - essence
Ex: Mr. Shuresh is an epitome of goodness.

Soporific (निंदासा) - hypnotic
Ex: I am feeling soporific.

Edict (अध्यादेश) - decree
The government has edict Banks to provide cash to citizens after Demonetization.

Eschew (त्याग करना) - abstain
Ex: To become Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath eschew his MLC seat.

Conferred (प्रदत्त) - Offered
Ex: BJP have conferred the CM seat to a very noble person, but he refused.

Establish (स्थापित करना) - set up
Ex: Yo Yo Honey Singh have to establish his stands again after recovering from illness.

Worth (कीमत) - merit
Ex: I have found my Rs. 15 of Razor as worthy instead of Rs. 25 of Razor.

Proverb: A white elephant - A costly but useless thing (महंगी परन्तु व्यर्थ की वस्तु)

Lynch (सजा या वध) - Kill
Ex: Ram the King of Ayodhya lynched Ravan the king of Lanka.

Bounty (इनाम) - Gift
Ex: If you prepare for examination with full fledge, I am sure you will get the bounty.

Solitude (एकांत) - Aloneness
Ex: His failures led him to Solitude.

Stark (कड़ा, कठोर) - unadorned
Ex: The life is full of hardships, be stark or get into the dark.


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