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First in India

Prime Minister : Jawaharlal Nehru
President : Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Governor-General of Indian Union : Rajgopalachari
Indian ICS Officer : Satyendrab Nath Tagore
Indian Man to Swim Across the English Channel : Mihir Sen
Man to Climb Mount Everest : Sherpa Tenzing
Man to Climb Mount Everest twice : Nawang Gombu
Muslim Woman to sit on the throne of Delhi : Razia Sultana
President of the Indian National Congress : W. C. Banerjee
Woman President of the Indian National Congress : Annie Besant
President to Die in Office : Dr. Zakir Hussain
Prime Minister to Lose an Election : Indira Gandhi
Prime Minister to Resign from Office : Morarji Desai
Deputy Prime Minister : Vallabhbhai Patel
Test-tube Baby : Indira (Baby Harsha)
Woman Central Minister : Rajkumari Amrit Kaur
Woman Chief Minister of a State : Mrs. Sucheta Kripalani
Woman Governor : Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
Woman Minister : Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Pandit
Woman to Climb the Mt. Everest : Bachendri Pal
Woman to Win the Nobel Prize : Mother Teresa (1979)
Woman to become ‘Miss World : Reeta Faria
Speaker, LokSabha : G. V. Manavalankar (1952-57)
Chairman Rajya Sabha : S. V. Krishnamoorthy (1952)
Indian to Pass ICS : Surendra Nath Banerji (1869)
Indian Pilot : JRD Tata (1929)
To Reach Antarctica : Lt. Ram Charan (1960)
Vernacular Daily : Kolkata (1727)
Telegraph Line Installed : Calcutta to Diamond Harber(1853)
Silent Movie : Raja Harish Chandra by Dada Saheb Phalke (1913)
Coloured Cinemascope Film : Pyar ki Pyas (1961)
Satellite launched : Aryabhatta (1975)
Indigenously built satellite : Aryabhatta (1975)
Atomic device exploded at : Pokharan in Rajasthan (1974)
Large-scale Nuclear Reactor : Apsara (1956)
Indigenously designed and built missile : Prithvi (1988)
Member of the Dalit Community to become the President of India : K. R. Narayanan
DNA typing forensic Laboratory set-up at : Kolkata


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GK Rapid Popup - Part 1

"The Godfather" is autobiography of Mario Kuzo.
Sirajuddaula was defeated by Lord Clive in Battle of Plassey.
Maximum duration of solar Eclipse is 7 minutes 40 seconds.
First session of constitution assembly was at New Delhi.
Graphite is used as moderator in Nuclear reactor.
National emergency suspends the Right to Freedom
Shovna Narayan is related to Classical Dance.
Amuktamalyada written by Krishmadeva Rai in Telgu.
Brahmi script were used in earliest Tamil inscription.
Wind-wane used for knowing wind directions.
Vitamin D considers as hormones.
Beaufort scale for measuring wind velocity.
Anagpal of Tomar Rule credited for establishment of Delhi.
Pt. Ravishankar's autobiography is "My music, My life".
Madhubani painting is related to Bihar.
Oxygen and Ozone are considered as Allotropes.
Frog respirates from skin.
Ruhr-Westphalia is famous industrial area of Germany.
First Newspaper of India is Bengal Gazette.